Thursday, May 23, 2013

Serious Coffee Break

Serious coffee breaks are a mandatory part of any working person's day. However, as a Computer Repair Technician it seems to be an even more than usually strong need.

A  new young company called ROASTe seems to have taken that need for coffee and blended it with a convenience that is second to none: to your door delivery.

Now before you talk about this is not a new idea I agree. What makes Roaste so unique is that they can boast to have the largest selection of coffee and supplies. In addition they offer free and fast shipping and even offer you some discounts to help you with your purchases.

Their website is user friendly, has a lot of reviews to make it easy to choose or even experiment with, and a large community of coffee lovers!

It is almost like a serious social coffee break...but without all the people:)

So, back to computer repair, and see you at the next coffee break

Monday, February 27, 2012

The Importance Of An Anti-Virus Program

Every time you purchase a new computer you probably see the Anti Virus that comes standard in your computer. If you are like most people you may be vaguely aware of an opportunity to renew the license for your Anti Virus. If you choose to do nothing, the license will expire and when your Anti-Virus loads a pop-up will tell you to renew. In your haste to get rid of the pop up, you may close the program or even “right click” delete it off the desktop.

What most people do not realize is that “right clicking” the program does not completely remove it from your computer. Even worse, not having Anti-Virus protection is the worse thing that can be done to your computer.

By not having an Anti Virus program you could be helping Viruses that can be stored in your computer. Pictures for instance from those you know, documents, books,games and more can transmit these virus unwillingly. Having an active, and functional Anti-Virus gives your computer an added layer of protection from the tracking cookies, malicious pop-ups,viruses, hacking attempts and more. Making sure your Anti-Virus is running properly is just as important as well.

There are a few Anti-Virus software on the market that offer fully functional computer coverage and are FREE to use.

If you have a version of a expired,unregistered Anti-Virus, or even a Anti-Virus that you do not like using, the best thing to do is to uninstall the program. The correct way to uninstall is to go to “Control Panel” . Within the “Control Panel” look for the option called ”Programs and Features”. Click on that option, allow the window some time to load, search for the particular program you want to uninstall. Click the program to uninstall, and it will highlight. At the top of the window you will see an option to “uninstall”, click that button and follow the onscreen wizard. You also may “right click” the highlighted program, and a option to uninstall will show up as well. Again, follow the on screen wizard. Once you are finished, close “Control Panel” and then you may install your Anti Virus of choice.

Another way to ensure proper uninstall the Anti-Virus is to use a 3rd party program that uninstalls programs.

If you choose not to have a Anti-Virus, I must say that I strongly advise against it. Technology today, is not that advanced where it will protect itself.

In addition to an Anti Virus, you should have a maintenance program installed that will clean out cookies from browser, search results in the computer, temporary files and more. The two set of programs can control the amount of malicious software, eliminate viruses, and block computer assaults.

If you need yet another reason for having a clear computer cache, a computer as free of cookies, and viruses as possible is a helpful in protecting your computer from hackers, and identification theft among other possible online or data related assaults that can be done to you and your family.

Computer Maintenance for your personal and or business computer help is available at Computer Solutions And Accessories. Contact us for remote computer support, 24/7 computer support.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Create A Personal Multi-Player Game Environment

One of the most popular computer solutions that computer repair people get is how to create a personal multi-player environment.

To achieve this, you can connect all of the computer users and computers to one another. By doing this you can allow the sharing of hardware as server or wireless.
This type of setup can also allow the sharing of software and other data as well in a safe, private environment. All this is a great way to create a personal multi-player environment using your internet and what is called a LAN connection.

When setting up your private multi-player environment you should keep in mind that by updating all of the computers to see if they are compatible to each other will make the connections a lot easier because each computer will have access to the shared equipment. This connection will allow each computer to interact with the shared equipment as if it is directly connected.

The actual process of connecting computers together is with a wireless connection, cable or an Ethernet cable. Using an Ethernet is by far probably the cheapest connection that can be used because it involves using what you already have such as a router, cable for each computer and a network card. The network card is usually already installed in most stock (or ready built) computers.

A network card is a lot like the old modem cards that were installed in the past as the only way to connect to the internet. In a personal multi-player game environment,the network card is what is used to communicate with all of the computers that are connected together.

The last part of the hardware setup involves checking that all of the computers that are going to be connected have a network card, have a cable that allows the computer to "talk" to the server through the router and modem of the main computer.

Now that the hardware information is out of the way, it is a good time to mention that you want to keep all of your computer equipment organized. A great way to do that is to make sure you either purchase a cabinet or purchase shelves for a rack server. A rack server gives your computers,and router a place to "breathe" by allowing them to have space above and below and stacked as to keep them out of the way.

For the correct way to configure a personal multi-player environment you can look at the instruction books for each set of equipment. Then you need to go into your Windows and setup the network on each computer, using the LAN setting instead of the regular internet connection.

Windows has a simple wizard (or a follow through setup) that makes the network setup easy to follow.

One precaution needs to be mentioned here: once the computers are connected, all files, can be shared and accessible through any of the computers.The files also include access to the internet as well. If you have documents that you feel are sensitive do remember to put them in a folder that restricts permissions , and remember to install a firewall program to prevent possible malware,spyware, viruses from the internet from infecting your personal multi-player environment and from accessing your information on all of the computers.